Freight and Parcel Shipping


Shipping is what conects you to your customer. Whether you need to get products to the end consumer, a brick and mortar store or another distribution center; they all require shipping.

We have decades of experience in shipping evey type of goods. During that time, we’ve become expert in freight transportation and all its related services. We have directly negotiated rates with dozens of freight and parcel companies to allow our customers to deliver their products on time and at the best available rates - even during the peak season.

Why Us

RedRiver has designed transportation and logistics services that meet the situation-specific and always-evolving needs of your business. We offer a complete line of domestic and international services that keep you in total control of your cargo from pickup to delivery.

We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services currently available. Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of experience, ensure all freight is shipped, trans-shipped and delivered as safely, securely, and promptly as possible.


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